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The complete guide to taking care of your car’s windows and windscreen

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A good car owner takes care of every part of his/her car and not just certain parts. Two of the most important parts of your car are your windows and the windscreen which needs to be well maintained as clear visibility is key while driving.

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10 Christmas gift ideas for car lovers

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Do you have a car lover in your life? We have your Christmas sorted.

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How to keep your car looking new

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Bringing your new car home is a great feeling. Make that new car feeling last with these tips.

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Buying a car: should you choose new or used?

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When shopping for a car the first decision you have to make is: new or used?

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Car Shows in Australia

By Autosmart 9 months ago 416 Views No comments

Get the most out of the many car shows Australia has to offer.

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Your car care checklist

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Did you know you should replace your wiper blades at the start of every winter? Or how important it is to check the automatic trans fluid and filter? These tips and more are on our car care checklist.

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How to protect your car from children

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We love our kids … but we love our cars too! And sometimes the two just don’t mix. Read on for some tips on how to protect your car from children, food, toys and dirt!

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How to prepare your car for sale

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If you put a bit of effort into preparing your car for sale now, you’ll reap the rewards later. Some of these tips could add literally thousands to your sale price.

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8 Great Camping Getaways for Summer

By Autosmart 1 years ago 465 Views No comments

Get out on the road and explore some of Australia’s wonderful camping grounds. Read our guide listing a top campsite in every state and territory.

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8 Car Care Products Every Car Lover Needs to Own

By Autosmart 1 years ago 858 Views No comments

Attention car lovers! Here are eight of the most essential car care products to keep your pride and joy looking its best.

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