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Glass Glow

Glass Glow

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AutoSmart Glass Glow is a powerful deep cleaning cream glass polish which cuts through traffic film and bug squash. It is easy to apply and remove with no dusting. Glass Glow removes stubborn residues from glass like silicone deposits, cigarette tar, dog slobber and children’s fingerprints. Silicone used in dash dressings is hygroscopic in nature, meaning that water sticks to it. The silicone hazes onto the glass making your windows fog up each morning. Glass Glow removes the problem with one easy process.

How to Use Glass Glow

  • Just put one 20 cent size dollop onto a cloth and rub the product all over the window.

  • Keep rubbing until the cloth moves without drag.

  • Then remove by buffing with a clean microfiber cloth, such as our Premium Microfibre Cloth.

Why choose this product for your car?

AutoSmart Glass Glow is one of the most effective glass polish solutions on the market. Glass Glow will both remove silicone deposits that cause window fogging and also clean off stubborn stains such as tar and fingerprints. It can even remove mild water spots through its gentle abrasive action.

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