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Smart Glass

Smart Glass

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AutoSmart Smart Glass is a high quality spray-able glass cleaner which is the fastest way to clean your vehicles glass. Its advanced formulation cleans and shines whilst leaving streak free results. Smart Glass does not contain ammonia and is safe on plastics and rubber. This product is safe to use on all types of glass and as it contains no Ammonia there is no risk of damage to tint.

How to Use Smart Glass:

Why choose this cleaner for your car?

AutoSmart Smart Glass is our superior express glass cleaner. Just simply spray on and buff in for a finish unmatched in similar products. Smart Glass is also Ammonia free, which makes it safe for all tinted windows. As Ammonia penetrates through window tint and breaks down the glue. This allows the tint to stretch away from the glass in the sun appearing as hundreds of bubbles.

Other items that complement Smart Glass are AutoSmart Glass Glow, Premium Glass Cloth, Premium Microfibre Cloth, MicroMax Chamois.

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