top 4 car care kits

Top 4 Car Detailing Kits

Car detailing kits can often be a great way to save money on your favourite car detailing products. However, they can also be full of products you don’t want – or worse, products you will never use. Sometimes it is best to consider a specialised car detailing kit that focuses on an area of your …

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what is a waterless car wash

What is a waterless car wash?

How does a waterless car wash work? A waterless car wash is also known as a quick detailer. It is a spray on car cleaner and polish that requires no water to rinse and clean your vehicle. A waterless wash is the fastest way to clean, dress and protect your vehicles paintwork. Waterless washes contain …

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How to chamois dry your car

How to use a Chamois

Shammy or chamois? Chamois is pronounced as shammy, which often confuses people when they are looking for a genuine chamois cloth for drying their car. In car detailing speak, a chamois is a drying cloth that gives you a spot-free finish after a car wash Why use a chamois A Chamois cloth is a highly …

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