how to degrease your engine bay. image shows a hand cleaning car engine

How to clean engine bay

Why Clean the Engine Bay Keeping the engine bay clean serves to not only look good when showing mates what you’ve got under the hood but also ensure peak mechanical performance. As you drive, grease and gunk gradually builds up around the engine and surrounds. This has the potential of causing unnecessary heat under the …

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How to care for your cars painted wheels

How to clean painted wheels

Most new vehicles come supplied with painted alloy wheels. painted options may give the wheels a black, grey or silver appearance, that (when clean) look quite striking when parked or when idling. Are painted wheels delicate? To be clear, the below information is referring to factory-applied painted wheels. You may be surprised to learn that …

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How to clean your car windows streak-free

How to clean car windows

Windscreens a magnet for bug splatter, dust and traffic film. We show you how to achieve a streak-free clean that gives you crystal-clear vision when driving. Cleaning Tinted Car Windows Nine times out of ten, the reason why a well-applied (good quality) car tint bubbles is due to inappropriate cleaners. Cleaners that contain ammonia or …

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How to use a clay cloth

How to use a clay cloth

One of the most time consuming, and laborious jobs of detailing a car would have to be removing fallout, tree sap and bugs squash off your vehicle’s surface. Its a delicate process where you want to be certain that these particles are fully lifted – but you also don’t want to damage the paintwork by …

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