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New Car Pack

New Car Pack

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1x 500ml Platinum
1 x 500ml Wash n Wax
1 x 500ml Interior Dressing
1 x 500ml Pure Shine
1 x 500ml Smart Glass

Included Free: -
Jumbo Bug Sponge - value of $4.50
Synthetic Chamois - value of $12
Microfibre Cloth - value of $3
Polish Applicator Pad. value of $1
Total value: up to $149.50
Product 1
Autosmart Platinum polish is a premium polymer wax polish for quality and new paintwork. It has a technically advanced formula that leaves a thick long lasting protective polymer coating that bonds to the vehicle surface. This makes it weather resistant and gives the paintwork a long lasting deep shine. Platinum is suitable for use on all paint types including metallic and is versatile enough for hand or machine use. Its low dust formulation will not mark trim.
Product 2
Autosmart Wash & Wax is the gentlest, highest wax content car wash on the market. It is a scientifically engineered, low foam, neutral premium wash which has excellent deep cleansing action for removing dirt and traffic film. Wash & Wax leaves a water repellent, high gloss finish to your vehicles paintwork providing protection against the elements. Being low foam, Wash & Wax enables maximum wax deposit on your vehicles surface as compared to high foaming products where the wax is rinsed away with the foam. This product is highly concentrated for economy of use and has a pleasant raspberry fragrance. Wash & Wax is completely non-caustic and will not damage or remove any wax or polish coating on the vehicle.
Product 3
Autosmart Interior Dressing is a water based silicone dressing designed to give maximum performance and finish on vehicles interiors and engine bays. It can be used to dress any hard surface including rubber, plastic, metal, leather and wood. Interior Dressing gives a soft natural lustre to interior plastics and trim leaving that new vehicle look. This product is pleasantly fragranced, re-odourising your vehicle at the same time.
Product 4
Autosmart Pure Shine is a weather resistant high gloss tyre dressing. It leaves a clean, durable, weatherproof, high sheen finish and contains technology that is unmatched in water-based dressings.
Product 5
AutoSmart Smart Glass is a high quality spray-able glass cleaner which is the fastest way to clean your vehicles glass. Its advanced formulation cleans and shines whilst leaving streak free results. Smart Glass does not contain ammonia and is safe to use on plastics and rubber.