How to clean and deodorise a child’s mattress

Nothing quite prepares a parent for the trail of odours left behind by your young child. The smell from milk reflux, exploding nappies, vomit, and urine lingers, and often pops up in the most unexpected places.

Of these bad odours, the worst on the list would be the lingering urine smells on your young child’s mattress or vomit lingering in upholstery.

How to clean a mattress when your child wets the bed

Whether you decide to clean your child’s mattress in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, the urine always seems to make its way deep into the foam despite best precautions.

Unlike water spills, the smell of urine will linger and in fact increase over time despite your best cleaning efforts. To combat this, you need a cleaner that will seep into the foam and eat the organic odour-causing bacteria. This will fix your urine-smell problem once and for all

How to sanitise your child’s mattress

To sanitise your child’s mattress, you need to use a biological cleaner. AutoSmart Bio Brisk gives the mattress a deep clean while working hard to break down biological soilings that are causing a terrible odour. This specialised cleaner safely digests biological matter such as urine and blood to ensure a thoroughly clean and sanitised surface.
Bio Brisk is a trusted product in commercial cleaning, now available to the general public. With active biocidal agents, Bio Brisk will make the caravan enjoyable again by treating the source of odour. No hassles, no toxic fumes or VOC’s. Let Bio Brisk Deodorise a child’s mattress in your family caravan.

How to clean and deodorise a child's mattress

What you need to clean urine from a mattress

– Bio Brisk
– Warm water
– Damp Towel

Steps to removing urine smell from mattress

Step 1

Soak up any wet urine on and in the mattress with a dry towel or absorbent paper towel

Step 2

Spray Bio Brisk neat onto the surface and cover with a damp cloth. Leave overnight to allow BioBrisk to work its magic to Deodorise a child’s mattress.

Step 3

Sponge with water to rinse. You may also use an upholstery extraction machine if you have one.

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