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Cutting Compound

Quickly remove swirling and scratches from your car paintwork with a quality compound.

A quality cutting compound will polish your paintwork to smooth glossy finish, ready for your next wax sealant

Remove Oxidisation with a cutting compound

Car paint oxidisation will leave your paintwork looking dull with a loss of shine. Other signs of paintwork oxidisation include faded colour, dull paintwork and a chalky appearance.

To fix oxidisation, you need to use a quality cutting compound to correct paintwork and then apply a wax polish.

Learn more: Why is paintwork looking dull?

Use a Cutting Compound to Remove Scratches

Light scratches and swirling on your vehicle’s paintwork can be unsightly, impacting on the overall appearance of your car. This can be corrected with a quality cutting compound. Light swirl marks need only a fine cutting compound such as the AutoSmart Evo 1 cut and polish. For scratches, an adaptive compound is useful to correct the paintwork. We recommend AutoSmart Evo+ Adaptive Cutting Compound

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