Glass Cleaner

The best way to clean your vehicle windows and windscreen is by using a specialised glass cleaner. Say goodbye to ugly streaks and bugs splatter on your windshield and say hello to a brighter, clearer view.

Cleaning car windows without streaks

Is your glass really clean if it is covered in streaks? AutoSmart Smart Glass is the fastest way to clean windows with clear, streak-free results. Importantly, Smart Glass, contains no harsh ammonia ingredients making it safe to use around car plastics and rubber, along with tinted glasses.

Removing haze inside a windshield

Foggy windscreens are a hazard when driving. Hazing on windscreens and vehicle glass can be the result of silicone used on dashboards and trims. Moisture sticks to the silicone over-spray resulting in a foggy window. Use the AutoSmart Glass Glow to give glass a powerful deep clean, removing bug squash and silicone deposits.

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