Wax and Protect

Get a new car shine with AutoSmart Wax and Protect Sealers. Water beads off the paintwork making it difficult for dirt and grime to stick.

Protect your paintwork

Protect and enhance your paintwork with a quality wax sealant. AutoSmart Paint Sealants not only give your paintwork a brilliant shine, they will also protect your colour from UV damage, for many more years of glossy paintwork. 

Forming a barrier between your paint’s clear coat and the environment, a wax sealant

Did you know: AutoSmart Wax and Protect car shines are made right here in Australia.

Long Lasting Shine

For a mirror-like shine you need the AutoSmart Carnauba wax. A unique formulation ensures our hard wax offers the pinnacle of shine with an ultra-reflective brilliance that is unmatched by others in the market.

Fast, Spray on Wax

Does your car need an express wax polish? Our fast, spray on sealants offer shine and protection in a handy spray-on formulation. The AutoSmart Golden Touch Liquid Protectant Polish is a game-changer in the car detailing industry. Using advance nano technology for a shine with no fingerprints or watermarks

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