AutoFresh Car Fragrance


Eliminate odours and stale smells in your car with AutoSmart Autofresh Air freshener.

  • Effective car deodoriser
  • Fresh berry fragrance
  • Won’t stain or mark vehicle interior
  • Freshens your car interior with a single spray
  • Professional quality
  • Size: 500ml


Banish bad odours in your car with Autofresh Air freshener by AutoSmart. A spray-on deodoriser that will freshen up your car interior with a berry-blast fragrance. Spray directly onto carpets and upholstery for effective deodorising

AutoFresh will not stain or mark your vehicle’s interior

Eliminate Stale Odours

There’s nothing worse than hopping into your car only to be hit by a musty smell. Whether it is caused by a wet towel, an old banana or spilled coffee, the smell is always an assault on the senses.

AutoFresh is a simple yet effective car deodoriser, simply spray into open spaces for a burst of berry refreshment. It freshens interior spaces and masks any unpleasant or stale odours with powerful and long-lasting results

How to use AutoSmart AutoFresh Deodoriser

  1. Spray neat into car, cab, car seats or boot
  2. For a general air-freshness, give a light misting into open spaces
  3. Avoid over-wetting your upholstery and carpets

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