AutoSmart Premium Wash Kit 10pc


Get the greatest shine on all your car’s surfaces with the AutoSmart Premium Wash Kit

  • Contents: Scratch Shield, Ultra Gleam Wash & Wax 4L, Golden Touch one-step polish 500ml, Dash Dandy 400ml, Tyre Dandy Aerosol Shine 400ml, Micromax Chamois, 2-in-1 Noodle Wash Pad, Bumper and Wheel Brush, Hydra Flex Drying Blade and bucket
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Give your vehicle the ultimate clean, and polish her up with the one-step car polishes in this AutoSmart Premium Wash Kit.

AutoSmart’s Premium Wash Tub comes with the wash essentials for any car enthusiast, along with some extras he or she will appreciate – all in one convenient tub!

Car Cleaning kit includes:

  • Scratch Shield
  • Ultra Gleam Wash & Wax 4L – with highest wax content
  • Golden Touch one-step polish 500ml – fast five-minute detailer
  • Dash Dandy 400ml
  • Tyre Dandy Aerosol Shine 400ml
  • Micromax Chamois
  • 2-in-1 Noodle Wash Pad
  • Bumper and Wheel Brush,
  • Hydra-Flex Drying Blade and bucket
Product Type

Detailing Kit

What's Included

Golden Touch Liquid Polish 500ml

This is a one-step spray on wax that will give you a gleaming, protective finish on you car’s paintwork. Fast application that will result in a dust and water shedding finish

Dash Dandy 400ml

Spray onto your dashboard for a quick restorative shine. Leaves a satin finish, without a greasy film. Suitable for use on vinyl, plastic, wood and also chrome surfaces.

Tyre Dandy Foaming Shine 400ml

AutoSmart’s Tyre Foam Spray brings the lustre back to your dull car tyres. No-touch application, just spray the foam onto your tyres and hose off. Unique formulation improves rubber condition and leave a high-sheen

Ultra Gleam Wash and Wax 4L

AutoSmart Ultra Gleam is a wash and wax sealant in one application. Featuring the highest wax content car wash on the market. Protects and seals paintwork against UV damage, leaving a high-gloss finish

Bucket scratch shield and bucket

The scratch shield is a must for the professional and home detailer. Provides a barrier between wash water and debris to prevent swirling on your paintwork.

Bucket will vary

2-in-1 Noodle Wash Pad

Microfibre noodles gently lift dirt and grime away from your the cars surfaces, reaching tight spaces where dust lingers

Vileda MicroMax Chamois

The Vileda MicoMax Car Chamois is extremely absorbent and gives you a streak free result when drying your car.
Impregnated with PVA to ensure your glass and paintwork has a polished look

Hydraflex Drying Blade

Wipe and wick away water from glass and paint surfaces after cleaning for a spot-free finish

Wheel Brush and Bucket

Get the job done with the rioght tools. This cleaning kit also comes with a large bucket and bumper and wheel brush

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