Blast Air Freshener – 3 Auto Fragrances to choose


AutoSmart Blast is a powerful car air freshener, masking stale smells and malodours.

  • Fast deodorising
  • Suitable for cars and large spaces
  • Long-lasting freshness
  • Available in 5 fragrances: Berry fruits, Bubble gum, Cool, Designer, Passion

AutoSmart Blast is a powerful aerosol air freshener, with a unique high discharge nozzle. Blast combats malodours and quickly adds a long-lasting freshness to a vehicle or room. Blast is also suitable for use in large rooms and spaces. Available in a variety of fragrances.

Choose from the following fragrances: Berry Fruits, Bubblegum, Cool

How to use AutoSmart Blast Air Freshener

  1. Shake Can well
  2. Spray a 2-second burst in an upward direction into an interior space
  3. Allow at least 30 seconds for the product to disperse before entering the treated area.

AutoSmart Blast combines a powerful air freshener with 21st-century aerosol technology to quickly decontaminate and deodorise vehicle and interior spaces. Blast is a fast and easy solution for malodours or larger spaces.

Autosmart Blast is one of the most popular professional fresheners for professional car detailing. Made in England, Autosmart blast spray fragrances offer incredible value for money. If you have stubborn smells, we recommend treating the affected area with Odour Eliminator first


Berry Fruits, Bubble Gum, Cool

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