Cruiser Boat Detail Kit 10pc


The AutoSmart Cruiser Boat Detail Kit 10pc will keep your cruiser looking like new


  • Boat Wash 4L
  • Hull Cleaner
  • Fibreglass Gloss OR Polymer Gloss (Younger than 1.5yrs OR Older than)
  • Interior Gloss
  • Interior Cleaner
  • Seaview Heavy Duty Cleaner
  • Extras: Jumbo Bug Sponge, Synthetic Chamois, Microfibre Cloth, Polish Applicator Pad

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The secret to keeping your cruiser look as good as new, is a regular detail on the outside and the interior.

AutoSmart’s Cruiser Boat Detail Kit includes what you need to achieve that new-boat shine that attracted you to your cruiser in the first place.

Boat Kit Contains:

  • Boat Wash 4L
  • Choose between a 250ml Polymer Gloss OR a Fibreglass Gloss A Polymer Gloss is best for boats older than 1.5years.
  • Hull Cleaner 325ml
  • Interior Gloss 325ml
  • Interior Cleaner 325ml
  • Seaview window/perpex cleaner 325ml
  • Bonus items: Jumbo bug sponge, synthetic chamois, microfibre cloth, polish applicator pad

Why should you clean your boat hull?

Regular hull cleaning reduces the risk of hull corrosion. Cleaning off barnacle growth and fouling every 4-11 weeks will keep your hull in top condition.

What is the difference between Polymer Gloss and Fibreglass Gloss

The fibreglass gloss suits new boats and also boats that have been buffed recently. The Polymer Gloss on the other hand, contains abrasives which assist in creating a smooth finish. Both products will leave your boat with a high shine

How do I remove the stubborn build-up of salt on my boat windows?

The Seaview Heavy Duty Cleaner included in this kit is the easiest way to remove residue on glass, lexan and perspex windows – so you can see out of them once more!

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