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Essential Car Detailing Kit 10pc


Everything you need for a fast car detail. Use Australia’s favourite car detailing products to achieve a great and lasting shine

  • 1L Ultra Gleam Wash & Wax
  • Tyre Dandy 440ml aerosol
  • Dash Dandy 440ml aerosol
  • 500ml Smart Glass, 2 in 1 Wash Pad
  • Premium Perforated Chamois
  • 2 x Fishscale Glass Cloth
  • 2 x Premium Microfibre Cloth

The Essentials Pack will set your home detailing kit off to a fantastic start, it has your wash covered with Ultra Gleam, our premium wash & wax along with a great kit of accessories to make the wash easier. It also comes with some of our premier dressings for your dash and tyres, and our Smart Glass to make your neighbours marvel at your crystal clear glass!

See what’s included in this Essential Car Detailing Kit:

1 litre Ultra Gleam Wash & Wax: Wash and Wax your car with a high wax content. Our pH neutral shampoo is gentle on your paintwork, while the wax sealant leaves your vehicle with a glossy surface

Tyre Dandy: The fastest way to improve lustre to your tyres. Spray on foam for a lasting sheen

Dash Dandy 400ml: Give your vehicle trims and dashboard a satin lustre with a quick aerosol spray. Use on vinyl, plastic, wood and chrome

Smart Glass, Glass Cleaner 500ml: Amonia-free glass cleaner with will have you seeing clearly through your windscreen. Safe to use on tinted windows

2-in-1 Noodle Wash Pad: Give your car a great clean with this noodle pad. Lifting dirt and grime easily.

Premium Perforate Chamois: Super absorbent chamois to give your paint surfaces a streak-free finish size: 72cm x 50cm

2 x Fishscale glass cloth: A specially design glass cloth that will give you a streak-free clean on your vehicle’s windscreen and glass

2 Premium Microofibre Cloth: Use these microfibre cloths to clean your vehicle inside and out. The fibres lift and draw dirt away from the surface and rinse off quickly in water.

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