Express Car Wax


AutoSmart Express Wax is a fast aerosol wax polish for your vehicle paintwork.

  • Wet-look shine
  • Hard-wearing seal
  • Advanced polymer technology
  • Acts as an invisible second skin
  • Protects paintwork from the effects of sun, rain, snow and ice
  • Brilliant shine for your car, 4WD or truck
  • Size: 400ml

AutoSmart Express Car Wax is the fastest way to apply a protective wax polish to your vehicle’s paintwork. The Aerosol Wax polish acts as an invisible second skin, creating a hard-wearing seal over your paintwork to protect it against the elements, including rain, UV rays, ice and snow.

Get the look and feel of a ceramic coating without the cost or hassle. AutoSmart Express Wax is one of our top wax sealants.

Fast Aerosol Application

Short on time? No worries! The AutoSmart Express Car Wax is the easiest way to gain a luxurious shine on your paintwork. This 4-month polish gives your car or 4WD a water-shedding shine in moments.

How to use Express Wax

  1. Shake can well
  2. Ensure surfaces are completely clean and free from foreign matter
  3. Spray a small quantity of protector onto a clean Applicator Pad and apply to vehicle paintwork, ensuring a continuous and even coverage
  4. Once protector has completely dried, buff the surface to a glossy shine, using a clean, soft dry cloth, such as a Premium Microfibre Cloth.

See also: Applicator pads.

Professional detailers worldwide use AutoSmart Aerosol Express Wax. Made in the UK it is one of the most trusted waxes on the market for long-lasting paint protection. With a combination of conditioners and natural beeswax including beeswax, it leaves a durable shine and a second skin on your paint.  Applied correctly, it gives you up to 4 months of superior protection, a claim that leaves other brands rather dull.

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Polish and Wax



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