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Interior Car Detailing Kit 9pc


  • Armourglow Interior Shine 500ml
  • Brisk Upholstery Shampoo 500ml
  • AutoFresh Car Air Freshener 500ml
  • Silicone Spray 400ml
  • Smart Glass Windshield and Glass Cleaner 500ml
  • Luxury polishing towel
  • 2 x Microfibre cloth
  • Fishscale glass cleaning cloth
  • Detailing tote bag

If you like the feeling of that immaculately detailed fresh clean interior, then AutoSmart is for you. The AutoSmart Interior Care pack contains all the necessary cleaners, super soft cloths and UV protectant dressings to satisfy the fussiest home detailer or car enthusiast. Allow your fabrics to pop, your glass to glisten and dash to glow with our range of trade quality products delivered to your door.

Interior Car Detailing Kit Inclusions:

Armourglow Interior Dressing 500ml is an effective dressing designed to give high lustre and leave a fabulous finish. It is a water based silicone dressing designed to give maximum performance and finish on vehicles interiors and engine bays. It can be used to dress any hard surface including rubber, plastic, metal, leather and wood. Interior Dressing gives a soft natural lustre to interior plastics and trim leaving that new vehicle look. This product offers a pleasant fragrance while re-odourising your vehicle at the same time.

AutoSmart Smart Glass is a high quality spray-able glass cleaner which is the fastest way to clean your vehicles glass. Its advanced formulation cleans and shines whilst leaving streak free results. Smart Glass does not contain ammonia and is safe on plastics and rubber. This product is safe to use on all types of glass and as it contains no Ammonia there is no risk of damage to tint.

AutoSmart Autofresh is a berry blast of fresh fragrance for your car interior. It freshens interior spaces and masks any unpleasant or stale odours with powerful and long lasting results. It will not stain or mark vehicle interior.

AutoSmart Brisk is a gentle shampoo designed for use on vehicle fabrics, upholstery seats and carpets. It is low foaming making it suitable for extraction machines or hand use. Its soft and gentle formulation ensures it does not remove any colours like other harsh detergents. Brisk contains optical brighteners to enhance colour, fabric conditioners and a biocide to slow bacterial growth.

AutoSmart Silicone Spray is a medium to high gloss silicone spray aerosol dressing with a pleasant fragrance. Ideal for all interior vinyl and plastic trims.

Bonus extras: Extras included in this set are the large and fabulous detailing tote to hold all your cleaners and accessories, Luxury polishing towel, 2 x microfibre cloths and Fishscale glass cleaning cloth


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Detailing Kit, Interior Care

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