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Medium Cut Fiberglass Rejuvenator


Remove light scratches and oxidisation from your boat’s gelcoat surface with the BoatSmart Medium Cut Fibreglass Rejuvenator.

  • Removes light scratches
  • Ideal for use on fibreglass gel coats and painted surfaces
  • High lubricity formulation
  • Clears up oxidisation
  • Leaves a high gloss
  • Medium cutting compound
  • Size: 1 litre
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Gelcoat rejuvenator. Removes light scratching and oxidisation from the gelcoat surface. Apply to the surface with an applicator pad. Using a wet buff pad work in all directions adding more water as needed, Keep working until the scratching is removed and a high gloss finish is attained.

Detailing Tip
Wash the compound residue away with Fiberglass Scrub and Compound remover

Product Type

Cutting Compound


1 Litre

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