Premium Perforated Jumbo Chamois 72cm x 50cm


  • Extra absorbent synthetic chamois
  • No-streak finish
  • Perforated chamois for easy break-in
  • Jumbo Size – 72cm x 50cm
  • Use to dry off car paintwork for a streak-free shine

AutoSmart Perforated Jumbo Chamois are premium German manufactured synthetic chamois. We are all too aware of the cheaply produced, inferior chamois easily found in Australia. Cheap chamois can be both ineffective and leave you frustrated and unsatisfied with your purchase.

Streak-free shine on your vehicle paintwork

Our Jumbo Chamois is made from the highest quality materials and deliver an unparalleled level of absorption. Perfect to leave a streak-free finish to your vehicle paint and glass. Use the chamois to thoroughly dry your car, absorbing any remaining water droplets to leave a streak-free shine.

Our perforated chamois provides a slightly faster ‘break-in’ time.

Product Type

Chamois and Sponges


72cm x 50cm

Pack Size

1 x Chamois, 3 x Chamois Pack

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Due to increased freight pricing, Autosmart has revised its freight charges to destinations around Australia. The new freight charges take effect as of the 20th of April 2022.

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