Smart Glass Spray-on Glass Cleaner


Professional detailers choose AutoSmart Smart Glass for a streak-free shine on car windows and windscreens. For crystal-clear glass there is no going past SmartGlass

  • Ammonia-free
  • Safe to use on tinted glass
  • Crystal-clear windows
  • Streak-free finish
  • Available in 500ml and bulk 4L quantities

AutoSmart Smart Glass is a high quality spray-able glass cleaner which is the fastest way to clean your vehicles glass. Its advanced formulation cleans and shines whilst leaving streak free results.

A Glass Cleaner Safe on Tinted Glass

Not all glass cleaners are safe to use on tinted glass. Smart Glass is Ammonia free, which makes it safe for all tinted windows. As Ammonia penetrates through window tint and breaks down the glue. This allows the tint to stretch away from the glass in the sun appearing as hundreds of bubbles.

Our formulation is also safe to use on plastics and rubber.

How to use AutoSmart Smart Glass

  1. Treating one window at a time, just spray onto the window using a mini-jet/sprayer
  2. Polish off immediately in a circular motion and buff to a sparkling shine.
  3. For best results use an AutoSmart Glass Cloth or AutoSmart Premium Microfibre.

Got bugs squashed to your windows use Hazsafe Bug Remover

Available in 500ml and bulk 4L quantities

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Glass Cleaner


4 Litres, 500ml, 500ml + 5 Glass Cloth

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Due to increased freight pricing, Autosmart has revised its freight charges to destinations around Australia. The new freight charges take effect as of the 20th of April 2022.

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