Snow Foamer Cannon Kit


Achieve a fast clean with the AutoSmart Snow Foam Kit. Our premium cannon ensures your paintwork gets the most luxurious, foamy clean


  • Snow Foam Cannon
  • Bottle
  • Smart Wash High Foaming Shampoo 1litre
  • Your choice of adapter to fit your high pressure cleaner

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There’s little wonder why snow foaming your car is so popular – it gets the job done fast. The AutoSmart Snow Foam Cannon is the choice tool used by professional detailers to soak the paintwork while avoiding damaging swirls and scratches.

The snow foam cannon can also be used for spray-on high gloss sealants, giving your car the fastest wax coating that repels water with a luxurious glossy finish.

Why use a Snow Foam Cannon

Snow foam car cleaning is the way of the future. Using the right shampoo, snow foaming is faster and gentler than traditional car cleaning methods. This why, car pressure cleaning is the choice method for professional car detailers.

Coating your car in a luxurious foamy blanket will quickly break down grime, grease and traffic film while protecting the paintwork underneath. For a deeper clean wash wipe the suds with a clean microfibre cloth.

What you get in the Snow Foam Cannon Kit:

  • Snow Foam Cannon
  • Refillable bottle
  • The pressure cleaner adapter of your choice
  • Smart Wash, foaming shampoo 1 litre

How to use the AutoSmart Snow Foamer

  1. Attach the correct adapter (included) onto your high-pressure cleaner
  2. Fill your fluid bottle with 80% water and 20% cleaner – shake to mix
  3. Attach the bottle to the cannon
  4. Attach the snow cannon onto your pressure cleaner via the adapter
  5. Adjust the level of foaming with the top knob
  6. Be sure that your car is cool to touch
  7. When you are ready, press the trigger on your pressure cleaner and get snow foaming!


Product Type

Snow Foam Cannon

Select adapter

Karcher HD, Karcher K, Karcher Male, Nilfisk / Alto Quick Release, Wap/Kew/Gerni (Lavor Brass)

What's Included

Snow Foam Cannon

The AutoSmart Snow foam cannon includes an adjustable spray head nozzle. All parts are chemical resistant to ensure a long life

1 Litre Bottle

Use the bottle to mix your snow foam solution with water and attach to the cannon

Smart Wash 1 litre

A high foaming car shampoo that leaves your car deeply cleansed. pH neutral formulation that is also safe on ceramic coatings

Adapter for pressure cleaners

Choose from a range of adapters to suit your pressure cleaner

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