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Ultimate Detailers Pack 21pc


The Ultimate detailing kit to give your car paintwork a lasting shine that will certainly turn heads.

  • 1L Ultra Gleam Wash and Wax,
  • 500ml Mirror Image Wax Sealant,
  • 500ml G101 Express Multi-Purpose Cleaner,
  • 500ml Armourglow Interior Dressing,
  • 500ml Red 7 wheel cleaner,
  • 500ml Smart Glass,
  • Tyre Dandy 440ml aerosol,
  • Scratch Shield Bucket Guard, 4 x Applicator Pads, 4x Premium Microfibre Cloths, 2 x Fishscale Glass Cloths,  2 in 1 Noodle Wash Mitt, Perforated Chamois

The Ultimate Bucket is our ultimate collection of detailing goodies sure to set you up as home detailer in chief, it contains the washing essentials you expect, with a side of some of our excelsior dressings and cleaners. Complemented nicely with our pH-neutral, acid-free wheel cleaner and tyre dressing. We also include Mirror Image, our most versatile car polish, sure to set your pride and joy to shine, and a range of accessories to make applying our products easier than ever.

Ultimate Detailers Pack 21pc contents:

  • Ultra Gleam Wash and Wax 1 litre
  • Mirror Image Wax Sealant 500ml
  • G101 Express Multi-Purpose Cleaner and stain remover 500ml
  • Armourglow Interior Dressing 500ml
  • Red 7 wheel cleaner 500ml
  • Smart Glass 500ml – tint safe glass cleaner
  • Tyre Dandy 440ml aerosol – Tyre shine
  • Additional accessories:
    • Scratch Shield Bucket Guard
    • 4 x Applicator Pads
    • 4 x Premium Microfibre Cloths
    • 2 x Fishscale Glass Cloths,
    • 2 in 1 Noodle Wash Pad
    • Perforated Chamois

Ultra Glean Wash and Wax 1L: Clean your and wax your vehicle with the one product. The car shampoo is a gentle pH neutral formulation to protect your paintwork. At the same time, you will add a wax sealant for a long-lasting shine

Mirror Image Wax Polish 500ml: Polishes out oxidation, and fine swirling and waxes in one. Easy paintwork restoration leaving a deep-lasting shine without any fingerprint markings

G101 Multi Purpose Cleaner 500ml: Lift up grease and stains on heard surfaces with the G101 Cleaner. Use to clean wheels, bug squash and your vehicle interiors

Red 7 Wheel Cleaner 500ml: Removes fallout and brake dust from aluminium. Product turns red when it comes into contact with fine metal particles

Smart Glass glass cleaner 500ml: Amonia-free glass cleaner, safe to use on tinted windows

Armourglow Interor Dressing 500ml: Armourglow will restore lustre to your interior surfaces. Protects plastics from sun damage

Tyre Dandy 440ml: The fastest way to restore your tyre shine. Spray on tyre foam that adds shine and improves rubber condition

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