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Tyre Dandy

Tyre Dandy

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AutoSmart Tyre Dandy is an aerosol tyre foam dressing. It is the fastest way to clean and restore colour to tyres. Leaves a durable, waterproof high sheen finish. Tyre Dandy dresses 20-30 tyres from one aerosol can.

How to Use Tyre Dandy:

  • Heavy soiling should be removed prior to dressing

  • Shake can well

  • Apply a light, even coat to tyre.

Why choose this product for your car?

AutoSmart Tyre Dandy is the fastest way to restore an as new appearance to tyres. It also effectively cleans & conditions rubber in one operation, restoring flexibility & inhibiting cracks.

Some other products that complement AutoSmart Tyre Dandy include Premium Microfibre Cloths, Grill & Wheel Brush, AutoSmart Red 7, AutoSmart Purple Stuff or AutoSmart Heavy Duty Degreaser

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