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Purple Stuff

Purple Stuff

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AutoSmart Purple Stuff(500ml) is a uniquely formulated aluminium polish. Purple Stuff will bring a high gloss shine back to any faded and whitened aluminium surface. It contains a fine abrasive compound cleverly combined with a natural wax. Whilst the abrasive easily removes the oxidised layer on your aluminium surface, the wax adds a protective layer which helps prevent re-oxidising. This greatly extends the time between polishes adding to the economy of the product.

How to Use Purple Stuff:

  • Shake well, apply a small amount to a soft cloth.

  • Work for a short period until desired finish is achieved.

  • Buff off residue with a clean cloth turning the cloth frequently.

  • Avoid caustic cleaning products between polishes.

Why choose this product for your car?

AutoSmart Purple Stuff is a unique product in that a fine abrasive compound is combined with natural wax. The result of this is that not only does the aluminium surface buff up to a high gloss finish, but it will remain polished for longer, with the wax layer protecting against reoxidisation.

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