Hazsafe Express Bug Remover and Tyre Cleaner


Remove bugs and clean your tyres with AutoSmart Bug Remover & Tyre Cleaner. Soften bugs and neutralises acids, protecting your car paintwork

  • Removes bugs from paintwork and windscreens
  • No more scrubbing
  • High pH non-caustic cleaner
  • Light degreaser, removes brake dust and grime from rims and tyres
  • Available in 500ml and Bulk 4L

AutoSmart Bug Remover & Tyre Cleaner is our specialised bug squash solution. It is a high pH non-caustic cleaner. As we know, bugs eat fruits that are dissolved in their stomach acid – Citric & Hydrochloric Acid. You then hit the bugs with your car. The acid etches into the top layers of paint and the bug dries on. The alkaline properties of Bug Remover & Tyre Cleaner soften the bug and neutralise the acid ensuring quick removal.

How to use Hazsafe Bug Remover and Tyre Cleaner

  • Allow to dwell for 2 minutes
  • Simply wipe off, applying pressure as needed
  • Our Bug Scrubber Sponge has a bug removal pad on the back – making the job easier than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this product damage my paintwork?

A. The non-caustic formulation of Hazsafe Express makes it safe to use on paintwork

Q. Will this remove bird droppings?

A. Yes. This is the ideal product for removing bird poo and bug squash.

Q. What else can I use this for?

A. Not only is Hazsafe Express brilliant at removing bug splatter and bird droppings, it is also good for light degreasing. Use this product to lift stains from upholstery and break down grime on your wheels.

Product Type

Bug Cleaner, Degreaser, Tyres


4 Litres, 500ml

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