Odour Eliminator


Neutralise bad smells in your car with AutoSmart Odour Eliminator. Our effective formula also attacks the odour-causing bacteria, sanitising the air in your vehicle

  • Neutralises odours
  • Attacks odour-causing bacteria
  • Contains silver biocide for santisation
  • Fast aerosol technology

Take charge of car odours and stale smells with the AutoSmart Odour Eliminator. Neutralising odours and leaving a pleasant air freshener in its wake. Odour Eliminator decontaiminates and reodorises in a single spray.

Attacks odour-causing bacteria

Our aerosol Odour Eliminator contains Silver Biocide which provides a continually active anti-microbial effect, attacking and removing bacteria. Odour causing bacteria such as yeasts and moulds are quickly neutralised in a single spray.

This product is also suitable for santising air-conditioning units.

How to use AutoSmart Odour Eliminator

  1. Shake Can well
  2. Spray a 2 second burst in an upward direction into an interior space
  3. Allow at least 30 seconds for the product to disperse before entering treated area
  4. Remove over spray with a damp cloth, such as a Premium Microfibre Cloth.

Odour Eliminator also uses 21st century aerosol technology with a high discharge nozzle is a fast and easy solution for malodours or larger spaces.

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