Platinum Wax Polish


Protect your new car paintwork with a protective wax polish. Sets to a hard finish to protect your paint and retain a deep shine

  • A thick formula that leaves a hardened finish
  • Perfect for new cars, or cars with good quality paintwork
  • Deep, enviable shine 
  • Protects paintwork
  • Quality polymer formulation that is weather-resistant
  • Long lasting shine
  • Size: 500ml

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Who says the new-car feeling has to end? Retain your car’s shine and luster with the AutoSmart Platinum Wax Polish. For a long lasting gleam you need a polish that leaves a thick, long-lasting protective coating.

Thanks to advanced, polymer technology AutoSmart Platinum gives a deep shine without the sticky residue.

Will this suit my car?

This wax polish is specifically designed for new cars, vehicles up to 1 year old and paintwork cut using a quality cutting compound. Use this professional polymer wax car polish also on metallic paints.

Protects paintwork

The technically advanced formula bonds to the vehicle surface, making it weather resistant. Once, applied the Platinum Wax Polish dries quickly creating a hardened film that will protect your paint surface against the elements.

Deep Shine we all crave

You haven’t spent your savings on a new car for it to quickly lose its lustre. We understand that not only do you want your vehicle to look good, you also want to it to stand out as a new vehicle. Our Platinum polish is our flagship polish product. It provides unmatched results for all types of new to 1 year old paintwork, leaving a deep shine that you will see your own reflection in.

Steps to a protective polish

How to use AutoSmart Platinum Wax Polish. Easy to apply and wipe off, this protective coating will dry quickly leaving no fingerprints when touched.

  1. Check your paintwork

    If it’s scratched you will need to use a cutting compound to remove the scratches like AutoSmart Swirlsaway or Sophisticut. If the Paintwork is about 3 years old and appears dull a cutting Polish like AutoSmart’s Mirror Image should be used. But for new to 1 year old paintwork or paintwork that has been cut Platinum is the ideal product.

  2. Apply to your applicator

    Add small amount to a clean, dry cloth

  3. Smooth layers

    Wipe on in nice smooth layers to cover your paintwork. Apply to one panel at a time

  4. Wipe off

    Allow the wax to haze then remove using a clean microfiber cloth

Product Type

Polish and Wax


1 Litre, 500ml

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