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Pure Shine Tyre Dressing


Treat your tyres to a long lasting high-sheen with AutoSmart’s Pure Shine Tyre Dressing

  • Instantly rejuvenates dull tyres to a luxurious shine
  • Water-based gel
  • Easy to work with
  • Long lasting high shine
  • Available in 500ml and Bulk 4L

Refresh dull-looking tyres in an instant with Pure Shine Tyre Dressing. Our weather-resistant high gloss tyre shine is easy to apply providing a high sheen finish with no solvents used.

Wet-Look Tyre Shine

Nothing quite completes a clean-car appearance like a wet-look tyre shine. clean, durable, weatherproof, high sheen finish and contains technology that is unmatched in water-based dressings. The product is thixotropic, meaning it thins and spreads out over time, so, will level out giving a high shine.

How to use AutoSmart Pure Shine

  1. This product is usually applied by using an Applicator Pad or a lint-free cloth.
  2. Ensure surface is clean and dry.
  3. For instant effect apply a thin layer end to end onto an applicator
  4. Wipe along tyre edge
  5. Allow to dry. For best results allow to dry before exposing to water.
  6. CAUTION: Do not use on vehicle control surfaces or where a slippery surfaces is undesirable.
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4 Litres, 500ml

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