TW 39 Express Heavy Duty Degreaser


Degrease your car and engine bay with ease using AutoSmart Heavy Duty Degreaser. Fast results happen before your eyes

  • Fast car degreasing agent
  • Works effectively to clean tyres
  • Low-hazard bug squash remover
  • Removes soiling in and around engine bays
  • Safe to use on vinyl and paint
  • Caustic free cleaner
  • Contains traffi-wax to leave a vibrant shine
  • Available in 500ml and 4L

Use less elbow grease and get cleaner results with the AutoSmart TW 39 Express Heavy Duty Degreaser. This is the strongest cleaner in our retail range, giving you a quick traffic film and grease breakdown with professional quality results.

Our unique Truckwash formulation contains Traffiwax to ensure your vehicle is left with a vibrant shine after your rinse off.

Fully bio-degradable solution

Car Degreaser that is safe on paintwork

AutoSmart TW 39 Express Degreaser is tough on grease and stains, yet is officially safe to use on paintwork. Unlike other car cleaners, our heavy duty degreaser has ICI Autocolour approval for use on paint.

This product is caustic free and has a Fasson approval on vinyl, so it is safe to use on your vehicle but is strong enough to remove the soiling we encounter in an engine bay.

Fast degreasing action

A hardworking-degreaser that quickly penetrates and breaks down grease on your wheels, engine bay and even those hard to access areas. The trigger bottle is mixed, ready to use. Simply spray on your dirty surface, coating it evenly. You’ll quickly notice the grime breaking down and rinsing away.

AutoSmart Heavy Duty Degreaser is an extremely effective and efficient degreasing agent. It offers a very strong clean for grease and oils deposited on engine bays, in wheel arches or anywhere else grease tends to gather.

How to use AutoSmart Heavy Duty Degreaser

  1. In hot weather, pre-wet with water
  2. Spray on to car surface
  3. Agitate with a brush
  4. Do not allow to dry.
  5. Rinse the areas thoroughly with a pressure washer or hose

For cleaning Trucks

TW39 is an incredible all-over truck wash cleaner. TW39 does the heavy lifting, breaking down grease and road grime for a fast and effective clean. A few points:

  • We recommend the 4L value bottle for truck cleaning
  • Dilute with water to a ration of 5:1. Use a sponge or broom to clean your whole truck
  • Use an undiluted formula for cleaning your wheels
  • Spray on Recharge gloss for an enviable shine

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Will this damage my paintwork?

A. AutoSmart TW39 is safe on all paints and also vinyl surfaces.

Q. Where can I use this product?

A. This is the ideal product for degreasing engine bays, wheels and other areas on your car, 4×4 or truck. Also known as Truckwash 39, this product is highlyu suitable for quickly cleaning grime and hard to remove grease off truck paintwork, while leaving a polymer gloss.


Product Type

Bug Cleaner, Degreaser, Tyres


4 Litres, 500ml

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