Leather Rejuvenate


Restore and protect car leather with AutoSmart Leather Rejuvenate. Conditions and protects new leather and restores worn leather to a luxurious lustre

  • Protects new leather
  • Rejuvenate old leather
  • No sticky residue or artificial gloss
  • Silicone-free formulation
  • Size: 500ml

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Restore leather car seats to a luxurious lustre with AutoSmart Leather Rejuvenate. A rich cream formulation that will feed your leather the moisture it requires to stay supply and strong.

Containing a unique blend of premium conditioners and oils that penetrates, revitalises and protects

Conditions leather for long lasting protection

This leather supplement is ideal for Australian climates. While the harsh sun will encourage the leather to leech out its oil, making it dry and brittle, an easy application of Leather rejuvenate will replenish and protect the seats. Conditioning will dds years to the life of your leather by both regenerating aging, dry leather but also by providing a protective layer effective for all types of leather.

Endorsed by the Connelly Brothers, the Worlds largest supplier of leather to the European car market

How to use Leather Rejuvenate

  1. Vacuum any crumbs, sand or debris in and around your seats
  2. Clean the leather seats using a specialised leather cleaner. Your best choice is AutoSmart Leather Cleaner
  3. Once clean, use a soft cloth to rub the Leather Rejuvenate onto the surface, applying an even coat.
  4. This product will absorb into the leather over several hours feeding and revitalising the leather
  5. Buff the seats over with a white cloth to remove any excess.
  6. If the seats were extremely dry several applications of Leather Rejuvenate may be needed.

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Leather Care, Upholstery




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