Premium Fish Scale Glass Cloth


For a smudge-free crystal clear windscreen, you need a quality glass cloth. The AutoSmart Premium Microfibre Glass Cloth delivers streak free results every time

  • High quality cloth – 350gsm Soft microfibre woven in fish scale pattern
  • Size: 39cm x 39cm
  • Ideal for removal of smudges, smears and other marks on glass
  • Streak-free finish
  • Available in a single pack or a 5 pack

Clean windshields and vehicle windows are vital for best visibility when driving. To achieve a crystal-clear finish you need a quality glass cleaning product and an equally good glass cloth to achieve a streak-free finish.

The best cloth for cleaning glass

A specialised glass cleaning microfibre cloth is the best type of cloth for cleaning the glass on cars and in the home. The soft surface cleans off dirt and absorbs moisture to give you an invisible-glass look. The quality low weave ensures a lint-free finish

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Pack Size

1 x Cloth, 5 x Cloth Pack, Glass Cleaner + 5 Glass Cloth

Product Type

Chamois and Sponges, Cleaning Tools, Glass Cleaner

Cost of Delivery

Due to increased freight pricing, Autosmart has revised its freight charges to destinations around Australia. The new freight charges take effect as of the 20th of April 2022.

DestinationCost per order
The cost includes insurance for loss or damage to your order

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