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Detailing Kit for Used Cars


Give your used car a full head-to-toe treatment with the AutoSmart Used Car Detailing Kit to have it looking like new again. Kit incudes:

  • Mirror Image Wax Polish 500ml
  • Ultra Gleam Wash and Wax 500ml
  • Armourglow Interior Shine 500ml
  • G101 Express Multi-Purpose Cleaner 500ml
  • Pure Shine Tyre Dressing 500ml
  • Perforated Chamois
  • Microfibre Cloth
  • Sponge
  • Polish Applicator Pad


Make your car shine like new again with the AutoSmart Used Car Detailing Kit. This 9 piece car care pack includes all the products a professional detailer would use to bring the surfaces of your car to look like new again.

Car Detailing Kit for used cars includes:

Why you should use a detailing kit specifically for used cars

All cars older than 12 month present with different needs that that of a brand new car. Not only will it be time to apply a fresh protective wax polish, and to address and swirls marks and scratches on the paintwork. While on the inside, our products will remove stains and refresh lustre to hard surfaces.

Rejuvenate dull paintwork

Restore shine and colour to your used car paintwork with a quality wax polish. AutoSmart Mirror Image gently buffs away swirls and blemished, leaving a hardy polish with a protective polymer coating. Your dull paintwork will be quickly revived leaving you with a deep lustre

The AutoSmart Wash and Wax is a 2 in 1 neutral cleaner and wax protection. A hardworking cleaner that is gentle on your wax polish. Removing dirt and traffic grime, while depositing a wax film on the surface. Wash and Wax is completely non-caustic and will not damage or remove any wax coating on your vehicle.

Clean and Refresh Interior car surfaces

For ultra clean upholstery, and stain-free surfaces use the AutoSmart G101 Express Multi-cleaner. Compliment your deep clean with Armourglow to give all hard surfaces a new car shine.

Wet-Look Tyre Shine

Complete your used car transformation with Pure Shine. Simply rub onto tyres for a long-lasting gel treatment  with a high-sheen finish.

All the accessories you need for that professional finish

This detailing kit comes with a Jumbo bug sponge, Synthetic Chamois, Microfibre cloth and Polish applicator pad to ensure you get the best finish on your car. When you receive your kit, you’ll be able to unpack and give your car the treatment its been craving straight away.

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